Friday, 29 April 2011

The day started with..

 A roaring fire. It was 3 degrees- which for us, is starting to feel colder.

 I think Salsa felt a bit better today. Her face is not quite as swollen. Today she slept alot in the sun, which,  as often happens, follows a foggy morning. She ate grass I cut for her and she is drinking ably enough. And she is SO GOOD about her injections and I think she likes her homepathics.

 This is Star, but I took this so you can see how low the fog is. Tommorrow I'll get the same view in Sunshine and you will see a hill.
Went to see Muzz today and brushed him. Forgot to use my camera. At least I remembered to bring it. (There there you slow new older blogger.) the sunshine.. I finished painting a shed at the local farm park that was designed and started by my year 10 class last term. When I say 'finished' it was really only outlining everything in black.  The picture kind of sums up how today turned out. Rather nicely.

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  1. The shed looks great!

    And to answer your questions: Pippa is Kate Middleton's sister, and was her maid of honor at the royal wedding. But I do love the name!

    And I just went to a watch party at a friend's house, but since it was sooo early in the morning, I wore the pants I slept in- which happened to be my husband's! I guess the phrase "party in my husband's pj pants" does sound a little funny! haha