Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dog features in this post but no cleverness to report

 Shorty, (just being a dog) the night before the day we went on an overnight journey to deliver horses and pick up hay.
I didn't take as many photos as I could and missed taking one of our old 3/4 draught horse Mr O'Regan who is 20 something and in the loving care-for well over 10 years now- of Malcolm and Denise who we bought the hay from. He is black with three white socks and a white blaze and beautiful eyes. He's both beautiful and a legend to boot. As honest as the night is dark. And by the time I thought camera, it had driven off with Malcolm and Bob to get the hay.
 This is Bob coming towards me down a road in Omaka Blenhiem, just having picked up a horse. We sleep in the trailer.

 Beautiful East Coast beach Kikorangi near Kaikoura where we stops to get a breath of sea air and touch the ground.
 Man and Beast ?

This isn't Murchiosn- or Murchison ! This is Christchurch. Aftershocks in the evening and fog in the morning, The Earth telling it like it is. Take that humans, you tiny specs of warm blooded sponginess.

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