Monday, 4 April 2011

This is Boozy the Creature Boy and what was for a long time his favourite plaything, Bob's socks- didn't matter if they were on or off Bob'sfeet!
He hasn't played footsees with Bob for a while. He regularly attacks my feet under the covers in the wee hours of the morning. I guess as is the way with cats he'll come back round again to the sock thing given time. Wasn't that a strange little post yesterday!!! I need a picture for you all of THE FOG. It'll happen. You can count on it. Today we have snow on the hills to the South. Good grief so early. By the way my Mum will be 89 in June-sorry a little ahead of myself there. Today I've been to school, am drinking wine and soda doing this and will be doing Ambulance tonight. We are weaning one of our foals today as the mare needs to get fatter for winter. The second photo is of Princess our skinny mare having her teeth done. They were in pretty bad shape. Hopefully this, coupled with weaning her foal will  resolve her weight problem. The bottom picture shows Jumping Jack Flash, Princesse's beautiful well grown colt foal. Cheerio bloglanders.xxNG (sorry still haven't sorted picture placement)

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