Saturday, 23 April 2011

More on mess and unfinished business.

Dog devistation.
The short dog has a stuffed toy obsession, fed by us with virtually giveaway stuffed toys from the recycling centre. I imagine his stuffed toy hunting has allowed us a practically 'unchewed slipper' puppyhood.

 Moving right along.This is a bag I made out of a jersey I knitted. I knitted the jersey in response to a dream I had in which I made a REALLY yellow jersey. In reality I couldn't bring myself to knit it totally yellow so one side was almost all yellow and this side was not. I like the bag. I keep my material bits in it.
 This is the first coat jacket I have ever made, well am nearly finished making. I love it already. It is fully lined- with three different fabrics and has self covered buttons. I'll add a pic of it when it is fully finished. I have really enjoyed the mix of machine and hand sewing. Such different kinds of energy/focus required.
 This is an unfinished picture. I've been painitng it for probably over a year. No end in site, but I like just looking at it and living with it and thinking about it.

This is a new unfinished painitng, probably about two months old. Wabi sabi. Know what I mean?
And MUZZ? And my fat fitness? Took Muzzy back to his paddock yesterday. Got busy driving for Bob  delivering a horse float to some people who hired him to pick them up at the end of a big ride and it rained and I sewed and I ate and I slept and I cooked a really nice pasta dish for dinner.

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