Friday, 15 April 2011

First day of holidays

Its raining. That put a different spin on the day.
In this photo, through the lace curtains, which aren't by the way a favourite of mine, (but being by the main road they do have their advantages), is the red tree and the grey grey grey. Inside is a coat jacket I am sewing. A hold up due to lack of interfacing till I go to town. Due to go do a vehicle check on the ambulance, so I'll get a shot of the wee beastie for you all. 873 is her title. Do you hear me humanising (there is a better word than that) 'her'? A strange fondness develops for a vehicle, a kind of comraderie. I wonder if I could paint a face on her one night and call her ... a name!!!
No. I know that. Don't go any further

Looking out from inside the ambulance bay. Too wet to take the shot I had wanted to take from outside with the door rolled up.

Isn't she shiny? And.. and do I detect.... a smile?

For those who have never been inside an ambulance, I hope you never have to (unless you work in one) here is what 873's interior looks like!

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  1. Haha... that is definitely a smile!

    And I think it's perfectly normal to name your vehicles. A good friend of mine drove a truck named Tina all growing up. Tina was a beast...