Sunday, 3 April 2011

Twice I have tried to upload photos and twice it has resulted in a frozen computer. Do I risk it one more time?... I'll write for a bit then see if I get brave. I want to post a photo of my garden in the making which looks like a big mess. A couple of things I like about it is that it will be raised up and increase privacy from the road and the other that slowly and surely I am... downsizing the lawn. I am also creating mowing edges with concrete which will keep the lawn out of the garden. To make this garden I transplanted some things from the little gap behind it (which means actually the side from which I took the photo).It was a difficult ill- thought out adjuct between two trees that just didn't work visually for me and used to annoy Bob when he was mowing. I will say nothing to him about my changes and see if he comments on the ease of flow that I have now created. Trouble is I can't remember if we had an argument that ended up relinquishing him from lawn duties or did the staus quo prevail? The garden and lawn are are a great arena for domestic dissagreement-oh the stories I could tell, but I wont 'cause they're really boring. I'll do the photo now 'cause this post is probably really boring- but it always surprises me the drivel that interests me in other peoples' blogs- so ya never know! Let me know how much drivel you can stand! Over and out from THE FOG (Fogger the Blogger?)

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