Monday, 25 April 2011

My sister!

 This is my sister Jan.. on a mule!! How great is that! She looks very comfortable especially as the back two mules have apparently ditched their riders! (Bugger carrying them up the stairs they thought)I think she can ride a horse next time she visits. Hey I wont hold you to that Janny. Sorry folks can't remember where this is. Crete?
 This is Jan and her husband Phil somewhere near where the mule lives. The caption said something about a birthday. Happy birthday Phil xx. Must be Phil's because Jan's is December- same day as Walt Disney's- (not the same year I think?). Jan and Minnie Mouse have some things in common. (You can't see Jan's shoes in the picture.)

Hey that's my sister's finger! She's pointing at the site of our Dad's guns on Crete. (Battle of Maleme?) I'll probably get that wrong. Can't tell exactly if the site is at her finger tip, or somewhere off the side of the picture. I guess it's the far clearing by her finger- looks like a likely spot, up a little. See I've inherited gun placement savvy from Dad.

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  1. Loving your blog. I never got to do the mule ride on Santorini. My sister and I went on foot.