Thursday, 28 April 2011

How is Salsa?

This is the sad swollen sweet girl. She is drinking but can only mouth and suck on food. Today to deliver some of her homeopathics I had to pull a wad of grass and hay out. Still it must be a comfort. Also enduring 3 injections a day at present. Anti biotics, anti inflamatories and pain relief. We are covering all bases. But while I was out there....

 Who should sashay (I know I've misspelt that) by but Boo, who actually owns the back garden. 'Hi Nicky come on let me show you around, it's so great to have you stop by!'  There were more shots of each spot he took me, rolled over, rubbed against but two will do..and.. he never looks at the camera!
'Hey Boo, I was actually here for the horses.'

 Here is Star, the beautiful, Mum of Salsa, just lifting her head up from a drink. Today we had them out in the big yard together and Salsa didn't even think about sucking. Star's udder is minimising nicely, so that is good.

Horses? No bi (uni!)cycle and Barbeque

 These are two of my favourite young horse handbooks- sorry can't rotate it seems. Michael Schaffer and Tom Roberts. Saw Muzz today, picked up poo in his paddock and said hello.
Next week.... I promise Muzzy!

And this is the jacket,almost finished. Buttonholes are made, just have to sew 5 buttons on. I'll do that tonight while watching a movie. I really wanted to show you a great soup Bob made last night- Pork and Beans- Anyone know and love Old Crow Medicine Show?They did a song with the words 'tastes like pork and beans'. But I thought about it as I was finishing it off todayand my camera was not at hand AND an amazing-even Bob liked it **** you don't know how amazing that is- Baked Vanilla Cheesecake from a Donna Hay magazine. I treat myself to those once in a while for something to read in the loo. I love the photos as much as the food. I only ever seem to make sweet things? The cheesecake looked better in my opinion than their photo!


  1. Hi, Nicky. sent you an email and photos to the farmside contact. Thank you for your special blog.
    Love from Rhonda and Mark in Waikouaiti. xx

  2. HEy Nick!, Well done with the jacket! xx