Friday, 8 April 2011

Most Mornings in Murchison

 This is how most of my mornings start. Frozen bread.
 Toasted bread with butter at the ready.
 Buttered toast- melting- mmm. What you can't see is a carefully concealed half eaten toast below the top piece! I couldn't wait- been starving for 8 hours you see.
 First cup of glorious steaming COFFEE
 This is how damp it is outside- and chilly- damp and chilly gets into your bones.
 This is Granny (Mum) and Shorty in their morning routine- breakfast in bed.
 This is how I see Bob most mornings. xxx over the computer tops.
And this is a surprise I recieved in the post yesterday from my no.2/step/other (still can't think up a title I really like) daughter Rachel who lives in Wellington. A book and a card.
Pretty good start to the day I reckon.

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