Tuesday, 12 April 2011


This is the middle of the big tree below. I really do need to start fiddling with my photos because they look dull in comparison to the witnessed account.
I'm not sure what to talk about this morning. I had a couple of good ideas in the night which have left my head. One was about a silly art piece I made for an exhibition that is running at the moment called Changing Threads, a contemporary textile show. But now???This blog is leading me to sharpen up on a few counts. Writing, photography and purpose. Do I want to specialise, do I want to scatter? Do I want to ...........?What is possible? If I don't sharpen up I guess I'll get bored, disatisfied and quit.
I'm off to Westport today with the school to support our Area Schools Tournament team.
I'll be back. Next time I promise to have something affirmative to talk about. OK.

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