Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fairies like the rain

Eatly morning after RAIN

It even got to be a bit more than this, but the bucket didn't leave its spot.
These sre pretty pictures. I guess the little spots are rain reflecting the flash.
Or fairies.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Friends and Animals

This is Paula at her place. I visited and we ate lunch. She's been cleaning up after not living there for a long time.

These are dog family. The yellow dog, Meg is the daughter of our old dog Tigger and the dog down the road Digger. The big black tan and white is Rig, son of Meg and a local farm dog. He looks like he's thrown back to Digger! The short ass is Yours Truly.

Boo at play- he loves straps and strings, chords and things that just peek out from behind things. Those are his favourite things.

Here he is asleep in the dog kennel, which Shorty avoids like the plaque- that and his harness. Shorty's theme song is 'Don't Fence Me In'. We sing it every night together after dinner.

The heater is a favourite animal hang out early in the morning before I light a fire (if I light a fire, it's been so warm!). This is a picture of snuggling not wrestling which is actually very rare.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Game I used toLove to Hate..

 Yes, Bridge, the game I used to love to hate. I just didn't 'get it'. But I am starting to now. Sorry Ma, as you say, your kids are late bloomers. Ma's old friend Bunty died this week. They played Bridge alot. I think she may have been the last one of that era of Mum's friends. My heart aches. For this afternoon I also made some savories from an old recipe of Nan's- they were in the oven when I took the pics. While making them I had this real sense of nostalgia and thanks for all the lovely afternoon teas both sides of our family were good at creating.  
Ingrid in the pink and Liz in the foreground. Mum tackling a cream cheese and pineapple sandwhich.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Call me simple..

Call me simple but I am happiest it seems when I am quietly observing the creatures I live with, the environment around me, drinking tea when I feel like tea, coffee when I feel like coffee and making what I feel like making, when I feel like making it. Like Shorty early on a Friday morning

 or me making stuff late on a Thursday night. Work in progress.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Salsa updato

Hi there, beatuful day, after more rain. Wet all round, but not cold. I should be a weather person.
Following is a sequence of visiting with Muzz and Salsa. her wound is hardly dripping and looks to be sealing over.

Tommorrow I'm going to bring warm water and a glove down and really scrub it out. Over the last day or so I've just been squirting. Sorry about the water on the lense marks. And horses always seem to want to move or get CLOSER.


I tried to add this to my last post and somehow I deleated it. I love the colour in the sky and the mix of natural with man-made as you tend to get in small towns. And I love the atmosphere. When I first came to live in fogland I thought I couldn't do it for another winter. How wrong was I! I love all its variations now, and the way it blocks you in and other stuff out and then reappears things again- like a magician.
Bob is having a good time in USA so far.

Afternoon Adventuring and Misty Morning Meandering

This is my friend Sarah. I wandered up to Heaven where she and her husband Roger live way above the Buller River.Their paddock is inline with the mountain tops.

On the way up their drive I saw this jewel like coprosma sparkling in the sun.

Looking out on the valley below.

Early morning visiting the Fattys- Mo and Bazz

coming closer...

.....till they are here.
Spot Muzz and Salsa if you can!

Murchison as I leave Salsa and Muzzy's paddock.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why do I forget to use my camera?

It was a screamingly glorious and for this time of the year hot day in fogland today. I took Shorty and my camera to take pics of Salsa and Muzz in their green surround and I simply basked in the glory of it and them and washed Salsa's wound and wandered off. Photoless. Will I bother with a photo? There are no blog rules about photos, but I like them. I'll have a look. Cooked a beautiful dinner tonight. Well tasty, not really beautiful. Greens from our garden with chicken and chilli rosti and zuccini pickle.
OH dear, now I'm into real trivia. Hang on I'll just search out an incidental, random pic.

This is my fathers mother Honora Snadden (ne Pine). I will end up looking like her as I age.
I think I get my melancholy nature from her too. And I can paint. She could paint. She also palyed the piano really well, that I don't do, well or otherwise.
Her father Timothy was a station manager (among other things). Her mother Agnus made damn good bread and crackers. I wish I knew more about Agnus.
Hello Nan xx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mothers Day

 I am a mother to this foal. Yes it is a grey miserable day if you were wondering. And even if you weren't. I am waking in the night and worrying about her and doing my best by her during the day. Like today as she eats our lawn and weeds between plants.
I bought Muzzy down for her to talk to tonight.

It is Mother's day.
So I bought my Mum these potted Chrystanths and Pot.
It's Mother's day so a lovely girl I know at the Petrol station said Happy Mother's Day and I cried. (So sorry, Kerrie!) I hadn't twigged what it was till then.
It wasn't Mother's day yesterday but I spent the day in and out of missing my girl and trying to figure out ways to try and make missing her feel unlike shrapnel in my gut. And it's Mothers day today. I'm not holding out for my son to notice!

 This is my beautiful girl Freya in death.

And this is her and her best friend Kathryn in life.
God I miss her.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Poor Sore Paw

 These are two photos of someone who is very sad. So sad in fact he could only walk on three legs, so so sad in fact he had to stop walking and be picked up. So sad, so quiet, so hurt.

A wasp or a bee stung him on the top of his paw and rendered him.....crippled. Emotionally as well as physically I might add. Ten minutes into our half hour walk. I'm sure I used up extra energy carrying the cripple. I guess it actually is a bit swollen. Now onto a real hurt.
Salsa's wound is clean (Mike cut off some proud flesh yesterday and got rid of stitches), frothy( I think their must be air coming in from her chewing via the wee hole),  but with no swelling now. I have taped off some green grass next to my garden which has kept her busy all day. We are still not out of the woods as there is a chance it could reinfect or dead bone may chip off, but besides looking a skinnier, more tucked up version of her former self I think she's doing ok. And I'll bring her Muzzy for some company tomorrow.
By the way Bob left for the U S of A yesterday.. and arrived, so he informed me.
I forgot my camera of the departing boy which is just as well 'cause we both had no change and I dropped him in the carpark and left soon after.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Na haven't got one

No photos today, depressed. What you need is a deep rest when you are depressed. No such luck. Be back soon with news of Bob's departure, Salsa's healing, FOG, school, Muzz, Mum,creativity....

Sunday, 1 May 2011

What you can see on a fogless day

 This is the Matiri Valley due North and across the river from the town. I walked 20 mins up the Skyline walkway to view this, and the township below. The main road runs East/West and our house is about three quaters of the way up towards the bend and the hill on the South side of the road. Get it?

      Last night in this sleepy little 'drive through' a mouse is hiding up a hollow table leg.

Spot the same patient puss today in this pile of clothes if you can! I don't think he got his mouse by the way. He ALMOST ALWAYS loses them.

                          The fog is just lifting out the back in front of the hill I told you I would photograph.

                                                                   Still Swollen Salsa.

       Muzz! Today he wanted to race off at the trot, at the canter, go, go, go... (Hard to photograph)

Look behind Muzzy in the photo below, thats our hill with the last vestiges of this mornings fog. Its about midday in this photo. Sometimes, (say this in a whisper) in winter, the fog doesn't lift till after 2pm. Not much of the day left then. But lets not dwell on that one..
                        In the end he was able to come back down to a walk- nice step- through Muzzy.

                                                    And finished with a  happy frame of mind.