Sunday, 1 May 2011

What you can see on a fogless day

 This is the Matiri Valley due North and across the river from the town. I walked 20 mins up the Skyline walkway to view this, and the township below. The main road runs East/West and our house is about three quaters of the way up towards the bend and the hill on the South side of the road. Get it?

      Last night in this sleepy little 'drive through' a mouse is hiding up a hollow table leg.

Spot the same patient puss today in this pile of clothes if you can! I don't think he got his mouse by the way. He ALMOST ALWAYS loses them.

                          The fog is just lifting out the back in front of the hill I told you I would photograph.

                                                                   Still Swollen Salsa.

       Muzz! Today he wanted to race off at the trot, at the canter, go, go, go... (Hard to photograph)

Look behind Muzzy in the photo below, thats our hill with the last vestiges of this mornings fog. Its about midday in this photo. Sometimes, (say this in a whisper) in winter, the fog doesn't lift till after 2pm. Not much of the day left then. But lets not dwell on that one..
                        In the end he was able to come back down to a walk- nice step- through Muzzy.

                                                    And finished with a  happy frame of mind.

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