Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Couple of Mokes

 The Shine on Baron's neck.
 Baron (Bazz is what we call him) our stallion with Mo (short for Kokimo) popping out the side of his head. None of these pics show how beautiful he really is. They look like a couple of old mokes. Is that a particularly Kiwi/Austalian term for scraggy horses?

 Mo with her foal belly beginning.
Bazz with a foal belly beginning too!   Bob and truck... always together. Stormy weather.... (What?)


  1. They all look like a bunch of happy hoofers. Haven't heard "moke" before w.r.t. horses?

  2. Hi Nicky. Yes, you're right; it isi a swamphen. hard to tell, as all I had to go on was the chick's photo. [BIG feet]