Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Came Out of The Fog

From out of the fog came an irritating little man.
How did I know he was irritating?
Did I know him?
Was he already, from the moment I saw him, displaying an irritating act/behaviour/demeanor?
If he was, did that mean that he actually was an irritating little man?
Was he irritating because he was little?
From out of the fog came an irritating big man.
I am trying to wrap my head around writing about something I cannot undersatnd- like a big irritating man. Big men are scary or dull or borish or friendly if I'm being engaged, but not irritating-to me- irritating is akin to a sandfly and sandflys are small. Are all small men irritating? No, he must have been doing something irritating. How many times had he emerged from the fog?

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