Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Here's the Salsa girl the day after her ordeal. Not a great shot of her. She doesn't actually look as boggly eyed as that! But she's greeting me on a frosty morning. You can see the drain popping out under her chin. If I hadn't eaten for nearly 24 hours I would be miserable... I think. She on the other hand is looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. I worried about her every time I woke up last night, and then I worried about her recently weaned brother, and then I worried about my son, 19 and not close by....he's weaned but I'm not....worried about Bob's imminent departure. Hey what else? Oh, Mum, well she's often on my worry list...but not last night. Apart from that a good sleep was had by all in the bed, Me, Bob, Short (he turned up about 4am) so sweet three heads on the pillows, and Boo who turns up again and again and again on the end, on the head, on the side. That's cats for ya. Bet he doesn't worry.

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