Thursday, 14 April 2011

Well this is what this blog is going to be for a while

 This is Muzz, short for Mustang, after the car. All our foals that year were named after cars starting with the first letter of their dams name. Muzz's Mum was Molly. Muzz's half sister who I have been riding over summer is Mo and her two foals are Morris and Merry. Anyway, I walked round to check the 'boys' this arfternoon with the intention of photographing them, then prompltly forgot till I'd walked halfway  down the drive on leaving them so this is horses leaving shots. Muzz and I had a bit of a chat on the end of a rope. Pip (son of Princess) who is below together with Muzz really  wanted to do stuff too. I might oblige one day. But for now this blog will be the ongoing education of Muzz and the getting fitter and less fatter of me. It will be both a record and a commitment. Muzz is rising four
years old. I started  and rode him three times this summer and now I want to bring him on on the ground for a while, one rein and long rein and keep in regular touch with him till I have the time/head space/heart space to ride him. I first handled him again a couple of days ago and he was very much the fresh horse, no work and lots of tucker. Today less so but still jumpy, though far more in the halter and coming down quicker though he did some really nice close contact elevated balanced trotting in a circle around me. He is not going out ahead on a line as well as I would like. This will come. He is soft and attentive intermittently. I have left him in a good spot both times. Then I walked back home around the 2mile, jogging one long side of it. I ate chippies when I got home and wine with soda.
 Good on ya, go girl I say, it's the end of the bloody term!


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