Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ok bloggsters,
this is not my cat, or my dog- or mu dog as I've tried to write three times.
This is a Creation!!! They/it hangs on my living room wall. I wove them out of string and cloth. Thats not all I do, but it's something I do and I doubt I'll ever become rich making them, even as single items to fill a space rather than the group I have here. Mitochondria,DNA strands, micro organisms, sea creatures, crustaceans. I don't really know but I LIKE THEM. I want to show you my autumn garden and my being created garden and show my Dad's paintings and talk about my day at school and a lot of other things but for now there is a lamb roast in the oven, slathered with a lime experiment a friend gave me with do as you please and let me know the results type instructions. We are having our neighbours over for dinner/tea/ evening meal- whatever YOU call it because tommorrow THEY take possession of our land. Cheerio from the

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Family

Ok latest pics of my family, people and animals. This is my Mum a couple of days ago. She is 89 and though her body has slowed down alot, and she had to relingquish her driving licence due to failing eyesight her mind is still sharp. She reads and crosswords alot and regularly goes on outings with a fantastic group of women from our community. I need to find a photo of her with lipstick on and hair done- because for a lot of her life looking well turned out was important to her.
The other picture is my husband Bob working with a group of horses, a mix of ours and other peoples at a starting clinic that he ran in January. This is the horses second day under saddle. The property is in the Tutaki Valley in Murchison and we have just sold it. Our hearts are aching but our bank balance is not. By the time I add more posts I'll hopefully have sorted text under correct photo. Bye now blogland from fogland!
Today I'm going to try yet again to insert a photo. I tried 3 times yesterday and it just wouldn't finish loading. Looking through comments on 'help' it would seem this is not an uncommon problem. It is dark outside, and feeling cooler now in the morning. Right here goes the photo.... It's a photo of yesterday morning before the fog came right down. The greys and yellows and pale blues were really quietly pretty I thought.Wow look it did it today- different kind of format to do it- if you know what I mean without all the correct lingo. I'll sort the position out later. It might be months before this blog is really operating!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hi everyone- well mainly my family I would imagine. Hi Family. This is my very first post.I have had this blog for just over a week and this morning I finally plunged in to write something. Posting photos is my next challenge. I had a bit of a struggle actually adding a post! I have no idea where this blogging thing is going to go. I am doing it to keep in touch with my family- feels easier than emails- with photos that I never send- feels like the whole following a thread idea is pretty cool too. I also hope that maybe if I put my one of a kind creations out there then somebody else might like them too. I am a follower of several blogs and regularly look at new ones- quite addictive because its really interesting and a fantastic way of sharing ideas. My big sister is going over to Europe and the Mediteranean (did I spell that right?) for 3 months today! She lives in Auckland so I seldom see her, but I'm missing her already.
Well, thats it for my first post. I'll try a photo or two later in the day. Bye blogland from here in fogland. NG.
P.S. Murchison, the little town where we live is situated between/around/above several rivers so it is often very foggy especially in the Winter.