Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I would ask this guy (Shorty) to write his own post, but he's off with Bob in the truck. He made this pastry bone and is showing it off. He asked if I could photograph him and his creation on account of his paws not being great at handling the tiny buttons. Of course I obliged or there'd be no end to it. Did I need to say he can be a bit obsessive. I guess he'll want more of himself and his cleverness posted, but I'll be damned if I let him take over this site. A line is a line and its been drawn. You will hear from him again-especially in May when Bob is America and the cat and I have to hang out with him for a whole freaking month. If bedraggled rags and more bones and pictures of self with big ears populate the May posts you will know all is not well in my world. I can always hide in the fog- did I imagine it or do scents get fuzzied by fog? I think that may be sound and sight. Unfortunately his nose is even better than his ears- and guess what, I can't even sing any more without it turning into somekind of gospel tradgedy. Its going to be a long month I can tell.

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  1. Het there... what's Bob doing in the USA?

    BTW I keep reading out of the frog! Time for new specs.

    Love to all!