Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is not how our day was supposed to go.

 Found our foal 'Salsa' like this. She'd found a bolt behind a post. This is under her jaw. Plans changed today as you can well imagine.

 This is Mike our vet from next door- handy eh- stitching the girl up. Nil or minimal damage in her mouth, but sore and swollen and can't eat or suck. Might be hungry for a couple of days.

Bob laying her head back down after stitching is done. I'll post again tomorrow and tell you how she's doing.


  1. HOW do horses always manage to find a way to hurt themselves??? How is Miss Salsa doing?

  2. Can a comment be a reply? Wow Studio at the farm my first not family member follower! Salsa ate today with the help of pethidine, and she got bossy!Good signs