Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What We Did At School Today

 Today at school for art we made cupcakes...

from a really good recipe from the book by

(Sarah?)  Magid, 'Organic and Chic'.
Vanilla Bean Butter Cake.

We didn't use anything organic, but I thought the results were kind of chic especially because...

 once we'd made them, and let them cool  during interval,
 we came back and looked at quite a few New Zealand contemporary artists on The Chartwell Trust website (something like that!) and had to base our cupcake colour and design on one of those artists.
Then we did our icing and arranging.
 Unfortunately I've forgotten the artists names and the kids probably don't want their names posted.

I have a tiny Year 10 class of 7 and two were away today.

We had a good morning.


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