Sunday, 17 April 2011

Off to Wellington Tomorrow

Hey I'm off to Wellington tomorrow to visit my son Charlie and niece Pip and my 'welcome' daughter Rachel. 'Welcome Daughter"- that's getting better. (Sounds like something Japanese/English) I haven't seen Charlie for a year or so, so that should be good. I haven't been very active today. I woke at 4.30 and baked a cake. I'll post that further down in its nearly eaten state. Bob took some to work with him and I've been scoffing and Mum's had a couple of bits. Its an apple cake- from Sarah Magid again. I've been to the ambulance station and cleaned the lovely 873. Then Ruth and I tried to focus on newborn resucitation between being severly texted by our respective children and working out how to make the mannikins function better.  Once Ruth has made the lights work on one and turned another into a multi tasking airway mannikin I am going to teach it to knit.  I just felt like sleeping today. I did go round and feed the Fairfax St boys apples and they waddled their round bellies over and ate them. I can't do my Muzz stuff when on call in case I have to drop evrything and go so he can wait till Thursday. I filled their water and said byebye and got Mum a couple of library books and posted letters and sewed a couple of seams when I got home and folded stacks of washing that has been on the line for days of rain and finally dried today. I forgot I got Mum ready and took her to the hospital to get more pills in the morning and made a leftover dinner and I've taken Shorts for a short walk this evening so actually despite my lethargy I haven't totally succumbed. But I did have a nap for an hour this arvo. 4.30 is quite an early rise for a holiday Sheila I reckon.

These are my favourite earings. I'll wear them to Wellington. Plastic fantastic and very pretty.
Made by an unknown someone in Maruia. Bought them at Reid Creek Store for $10.
This is what is left of 'Uncle Gravy's Apple Cake' from Organic and Chic by Sarah Magid. It only uses egg whites and the ingredients are folded in, so it's a lovely light texture.I drizzled lightly flavoured chocolate icing over it, made from leftover chocolate sauce.

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