Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mothers Day

 I am a mother to this foal. Yes it is a grey miserable day if you were wondering. And even if you weren't. I am waking in the night and worrying about her and doing my best by her during the day. Like today as she eats our lawn and weeds between plants.
I bought Muzzy down for her to talk to tonight.

It is Mother's day.
So I bought my Mum these potted Chrystanths and Pot.
It's Mother's day so a lovely girl I know at the Petrol station said Happy Mother's Day and I cried. (So sorry, Kerrie!) I hadn't twigged what it was till then.
It wasn't Mother's day yesterday but I spent the day in and out of missing my girl and trying to figure out ways to try and make missing her feel unlike shrapnel in my gut. And it's Mothers day today. I'm not holding out for my son to notice!

 This is my beautiful girl Freya in death.

And this is her and her best friend Kathryn in life.
God I miss her.

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