Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Friends and Animals

This is Paula at her place. I visited and we ate lunch. She's been cleaning up after not living there for a long time.

These are dog family. The yellow dog, Meg is the daughter of our old dog Tigger and the dog down the road Digger. The big black tan and white is Rig, son of Meg and a local farm dog. He looks like he's thrown back to Digger! The short ass is Yours Truly.

Boo at play- he loves straps and strings, chords and things that just peek out from behind things. Those are his favourite things.

Here he is asleep in the dog kennel, which Shorty avoids like the plaque- that and his harness. Shorty's theme song is 'Don't Fence Me In'. We sing it every night together after dinner.

The heater is a favourite animal hang out early in the morning before I light a fire (if I light a fire, it's been so warm!). This is a picture of snuggling not wrestling which is actually very rare.

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