Thursday, 5 May 2011

Poor Sore Paw

 These are two photos of someone who is very sad. So sad in fact he could only walk on three legs, so so sad in fact he had to stop walking and be picked up. So sad, so quiet, so hurt.

A wasp or a bee stung him on the top of his paw and rendered him.....crippled. Emotionally as well as physically I might add. Ten minutes into our half hour walk. I'm sure I used up extra energy carrying the cripple. I guess it actually is a bit swollen. Now onto a real hurt.
Salsa's wound is clean (Mike cut off some proud flesh yesterday and got rid of stitches), frothy( I think their must be air coming in from her chewing via the wee hole),  but with no swelling now. I have taped off some green grass next to my garden which has kept her busy all day. We are still not out of the woods as there is a chance it could reinfect or dead bone may chip off, but besides looking a skinnier, more tucked up version of her former self I think she's doing ok. And I'll bring her Muzzy for some company tomorrow.
By the way Bob left for the U S of A yesterday.. and arrived, so he informed me.
I forgot my camera of the departing boy which is just as well 'cause we both had no change and I dropped him in the carpark and left soon after.

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  1. Glad Salsa's wound is healing well. Mr. Sore Paw has THE most expressive face.