Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Salsa updato

Hi there, beatuful day, after more rain. Wet all round, but not cold. I should be a weather person.
Following is a sequence of visiting with Muzz and Salsa. her wound is hardly dripping and looks to be sealing over.

Tommorrow I'm going to bring warm water and a glove down and really scrub it out. Over the last day or so I've just been squirting. Sorry about the water on the lense marks. And horses always seem to want to move or get CLOSER.


  1. Salsa's wound looks OK. It didn't perforate to the floor of the mouth, did it?

  2. Hi, I'm hoping not, but it is possible, just quite hard to see and if it did it was a tiny hole. Vet worried about a fistula developing. Time will tell. I am pleased frothyness has abated.