Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why do I forget to use my camera?

It was a screamingly glorious and for this time of the year hot day in fogland today. I took Shorty and my camera to take pics of Salsa and Muzz in their green surround and I simply basked in the glory of it and them and washed Salsa's wound and wandered off. Photoless. Will I bother with a photo? There are no blog rules about photos, but I like them. I'll have a look. Cooked a beautiful dinner tonight. Well tasty, not really beautiful. Greens from our garden with chicken and chilli rosti and zuccini pickle.
OH dear, now I'm into real trivia. Hang on I'll just search out an incidental, random pic.

This is my fathers mother Honora Snadden (ne Pine). I will end up looking like her as I age.
I think I get my melancholy nature from her too. And I can paint. She could paint. She also palyed the piano really well, that I don't do, well or otherwise.
Her father Timothy was a station manager (among other things). Her mother Agnus made damn good bread and crackers. I wish I knew more about Agnus.
Hello Nan xx

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