Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Game I used toLove to Hate..

 Yes, Bridge, the game I used to love to hate. I just didn't 'get it'. But I am starting to now. Sorry Ma, as you say, your kids are late bloomers. Ma's old friend Bunty died this week. They played Bridge alot. I think she may have been the last one of that era of Mum's friends. My heart aches. For this afternoon I also made some savories from an old recipe of Nan's- they were in the oven when I took the pics. While making them I had this real sense of nostalgia and thanks for all the lovely afternoon teas both sides of our family were good at creating.  
Ingrid in the pink and Liz in the foreground. Mum tackling a cream cheese and pineapple sandwhich.

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