Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ok bloggsters,
this is not my cat, or my dog- or mu dog as I've tried to write three times.
This is a Creation!!! They/it hangs on my living room wall. I wove them out of string and cloth. Thats not all I do, but it's something I do and I doubt I'll ever become rich making them, even as single items to fill a space rather than the group I have here. Mitochondria,DNA strands, micro organisms, sea creatures, crustaceans. I don't really know but I LIKE THEM. I want to show you my autumn garden and my being created garden and show my Dad's paintings and talk about my day at school and a lot of other things but for now there is a lamb roast in the oven, slathered with a lime experiment a friend gave me with do as you please and let me know the results type instructions. We are having our neighbours over for dinner/tea/ evening meal- whatever YOU call it because tommorrow THEY take possession of our land. Cheerio from the

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