Monday, 28 March 2011

Hi everyone- well mainly my family I would imagine. Hi Family. This is my very first post.I have had this blog for just over a week and this morning I finally plunged in to write something. Posting photos is my next challenge. I had a bit of a struggle actually adding a post! I have no idea where this blogging thing is going to go. I am doing it to keep in touch with my family- feels easier than emails- with photos that I never send- feels like the whole following a thread idea is pretty cool too. I also hope that maybe if I put my one of a kind creations out there then somebody else might like them too. I am a follower of several blogs and regularly look at new ones- quite addictive because its really interesting and a fantastic way of sharing ideas. My big sister is going over to Europe and the Mediteranean (did I spell that right?) for 3 months today! She lives in Auckland so I seldom see her, but I'm missing her already.
Well, thats it for my first post. I'll try a photo or two later in the day. Bye blogland from here in fogland. NG.
P.S. Murchison, the little town where we live is situated between/around/above several rivers so it is often very foggy especially in the Winter.

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