Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Family

Ok latest pics of my family, people and animals. This is my Mum a couple of days ago. She is 89 and though her body has slowed down alot, and she had to relingquish her driving licence due to failing eyesight her mind is still sharp. She reads and crosswords alot and regularly goes on outings with a fantastic group of women from our community. I need to find a photo of her with lipstick on and hair done- because for a lot of her life looking well turned out was important to her.
The other picture is my husband Bob working with a group of horses, a mix of ours and other peoples at a starting clinic that he ran in January. This is the horses second day under saddle. The property is in the Tutaki Valley in Murchison and we have just sold it. Our hearts are aching but our bank balance is not. By the time I add more posts I'll hopefully have sorted text under correct photo. Bye now blogland from fogland!

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