Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ma's Birthday

Well, it's Mum's Birthday today!! We went to town and we all 'got things'. Mum had her teeth cleaned and her plate reshaped, then she had her toenails manicured at the chiropodist, then we picked up new glasses for me. Ones that stay on my face the whole time-progressive and pink and plastic. No more taking on and off, on and off, breaking the frames, peering over the top of, standing on the glasses, falling off my head. Yay, life gets simpler and more complex as we age I thingk! 
This is a photo of me taking a photo of my noo glasses, cleverly stretching out my 'softening' face . Not bad.

This is the trio in the front, driver, navigator and spotter. They do a splendid job, while I lanquish as much as one can wedged between walking frame, shopping and stuffed toys- more on that in a minute.

This is the view from the newly revamped pub at Kohatu. Really nicely done. In keeping and not trying too hard at anything.

This is us- well Bob and Granny- but you can see my coffee- having a Birthday lunch. It was ok,  but we think the people are new at the game so  for just three of us we waited a long time. Never mind they will probably get better and we wish them well because it's got all the elements of a go ahead concern.
 I said we all got something and I wasn't lieing. Mr Shortstuff got 4 new stuffed toys from the recyclers- for wait .....$1. Bargain.
We let him have them one at a time. This is number one once we got home. Dog heaven.

And my darling? Well besides a day with us he came home with papers to fill out to become a 'licenced building practitioner'. And here he is filling them my darling. See his lovely shirt and waistcoat he pur-chased in America.
By y'all.
P.S. There will be a free giveaway for anyone who can tell me how old Mum is. No, not really, just playing 'real blog person'!

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