Saturday, 4 June 2011

Happiness is colour (or color-for my American friends)

Well, no I haven't posted recently. I've wondered about that and it wasn't until Bob said so to me this morning on the phone that I thought about getting back to it agagin- Bob's still in USA. back soon tho!
And I realised that actually I'd been quite busy with other things. The top shot is a typical interaction between friends.

 This shot is a fabulous morning sky that did produce rain in its wake. And we are still in the thros of that precipitation two days later.
 This pic is a cakestand I made out of card and old National geographic maps and paint and glue. Taken from a pattern from a book called ? I left it at school. The kids are funny though. I thought it would inspire them to see one finished. It actually seemed to have the opposite effect because they are actually finding it quite time consuming and fiddly. They need to 'cowboy up' those kids. they give up too easily. I wanted to challenge them. Its part of a cake decorating unit I'm doing. We make cakes, decorate them, make props, set up shots and photograph our stuff. They made the paper butterflies/flowers. That was almost under challenging. The thing about teaching is that you can never pitch it right every time. So hanging in there and keep throwing stuff their way is as good a plot as any I reckon. Some of it, done with good humour and good management is going to stick!
 These are hand sewn/handpainted floorcloths I'm working on. Took them to show my sewing group the other day. They liked the idea of floorcloths. They hadn't heard about them before.
And this is a painitng on a cupboard in honour of a famous old blues song. I listen to the Old crow Medicine Show Version quite a lot.
Why the cat? Why the cupboard. Why is a crooked letter and zed is no better.

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